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Via Savona 19/A
20144 Milano - Italy
phone: +39 02 83636270

twitter: PietroC
facebook: pietrocorrainistudio
linkedin: Pietro Corraini
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Pietro Corraini, along with Maria Chiara Zacchi, take pieces of the world, look at them, turn them upside down, take them apart, put them back together, and reinvent them; just like Munari's children, who don't break toys, but instead dismantle them to see what they look like on the inside.

Pietro Corraini Pietro Corraini is a graphic designer. He graduated in Communication Design with a thesis by the name of «The noise is the massage». His job is disassembling and reassembling visual and design communication. He has written «How to break the rules of brand design in 10+8 easy exercises». As well as teaching and having fun organizing workshops (where so far no-one has been injured), he also runs this magazine Un Sedicesimo.


Coding by Studio Indaco surrounded by Maria Chiara Zacchi